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Friends Open Monthly Meeting 1st Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm, 60 North Bow St, Milford Senior Center
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Next Open Meeting is April 5th, 2016 at 7 pm at the Milford Town Library. Please note the location change due to Town Election Day.

Who We Are
The Friends of the Milford Upper Charles Trail is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization dedicated to promoting the safe use of and maintenance of the Upper Charles Trail in Milford, MA

What is It?
The Upper Charles Trail is a proposed 25-mile trail that will incorporate the communities of Milford, Ashland, Sherborn, Holliston, and Hopkinton, linking the towns via an abandoned CSX rail bed. Milford was the first town to open a complete 6.58 mile section and it extends from the town center north to the Hopkinton town line, east to the town of Holliston, and south to the Milford Senior Center.

What We Do
The Friends promote the use of the Trail year-round through social media, TV, the Web, and print. We also coordinate with several Town of Milford boards on maintenance issues and enhancements to the trail.

How you can Help
If you like the trail, then please consider becoming a member. Membership starts at just $10 annually. Donations can be made through PayPal or by mailing a check to the Milford Town Hall.

Total Distance Measurements:

Phase 1 & 2a (Milford Rt 16 — Hopkinton) 4.4 miles
Phase 2b  (Milford Rt 109 — Holliston) 1.2 miles
Phase 3  (Milford Rt 109 - Rt 16 ) .98 miles
Total Paved trail — 6.58 miles

Trail Maintenance & Enhancement
Updates Erosion and Safety
If you are one of the many users of the Upper Charles Trail in Milford, you may have noticed a few recent enhancements. Large granite boulders have been placed at strategic points along the sides of the trail. The purpose of these boulders is to assist in controlling several erosion areas that have developed as a result of trail users traveling along and on top of the naturally occurring slopes. This has resulted in rocks, gravel and dirt rolling onto the paved trail creating a potential safety hazards as well. The erosion repairs are beginning with the work being coordinated with the Milford Parks & Highway Departments.
Louisa Lake Dam Repairs
Along the trail but not related to the trail, work has been underway to remove vegetation from the rocky dam areas as mandated after statewide inspections of dams. The benefit to trail users, many of the beautiful views of the lake and its wildlife are visible to be appreciated.
Crossing Signals
There have been reports of traffic lights malfunctioning along the trail crossings by some trail users. If you experience this or any other problems crossing the street, please notify the Milford Police Department on their business non-emergency line at 508-473-1113.
There is some good news in addressing this safety concern. Plans are in motion to convert all the trail crossing signals to push button signals, similar to the crossing signals already in place at the Rte 16 Main Street trail crossing. However, before the push button signal conversion can take place, all of the crossing lights must be inspected and in working order. This is currently underway and being handled by the town's electrician. Remember, always use caution & stop before proceeding to cross the roadways!

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•If you see anyone vandalizing the trail please call the Milford Police Dept. @ 508 473 1113
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They Help Us Maintain Your Trail.

Over the next several months the Milford Upper Charles Trail Committee will be undertaking remedial work on the trail. This work includes bank stabilization, erosion control, drainage improvements (including pavement adjustments) and installation of barriers (e.g., boulders and/or post and rail fence ) to discourage off-pavement riders.

Please exercise caution in the vicinity of work areas

Attention dog walkers:

A new doggie bag dispenser has been installed at the Hayward St. trail crossing. The bags are available to anyone to clean up after their pet while on the trail. Please bag all pet waste and dispose of it in the trash barrel.
Thank you to Critter Visits for donating the doggie station, and to Milford Parks Department for help installing the station and the trash barrel. 
"On Your Left" Enjoy the Trail Safely!

Summer has finally arrived and the Milford Upper Charles Trail is busier than ever with all sorts of activity! With over 1,000 people sharing the trail on a typical weekend day, we also share the responsibility for keeping everyone safe while having fun! Here are a few safety tips to ensure an awesome experience:
Common Safety/Courtesy

Walk, ride on the right
Move off the paved area when stopping to chat with friends, making a repair or taking a needed break, especially with young children or pet
Dogs are welcomed but must be leashed
Store all valuables out of sight to prevent smash & grabs
Call 911 in an emergency or if observing a dangerous situation, taking a picture with your cell phone helps catch offenders!
Leave no trace, take your trash with you or use the receptacles located near the dog cleanup stations or trailheads
Have a suggestion, concern or want to get more involved, Contact the Friends of the Milford Upper Charles Trail

Follow the rules of the road:
Yield to pedestrians
Stop at stop signs and look both ways before crossing roadways
Ride on the right, pass on the left
Call out "on your left" to let pedestrians & other cyclists know that you are passing them on their left or ring your bell to announce your approach
Children under the age of 12 are required to wear a helmet (MA state law)

Pedestrians / Joggers

Walk / Run on the right
Earbuds? Keep the volume down to increase awareness of approaching bicyclists, etc
Stop at stop signs and look both ways before crossing roadways


Respect, Protect & Share the natural wildlife habitats along the trail!
Turtles, swans, bunnies, snakes, geese, fox, chipmunks, turkeys and more can be observed, photographed and can provide a valuable learning experience for all.

Dogs / Pets

Dogs must be leashed
Preserve the water resources & cleanliness of the trail, "Scoop the Poop"! (Dog clean up stations are located near the trailheads)
2015 Trail Census Results

On Saturday May 16, 2015, 20 volunteers with the Friends of the Milford Upper Charles Trail conducted the annual trail census.
The trail census is one of the ways used to understand the many ways the trail is used on a typical day.
The census is done with volunteers strategically stationed at several trail heads: Louisa Lake, Fino Field Hopkinton and at the Rte. 109 trail crossing.

The census began at 8am and went until 6pm.

This year's tally identified 2,066 users enjoying the trail! Robert Weidknecht, the Holliston Trail Committee Chair, had this to say about the trail census results:

"The 1998 Feasibility study done by MAPC predicted 2,500 users on a weekend day for the fully-built trail.
This is only a 6.7 mile section of the then planned 26 mile trail. This far exceeds the expected usage. Well done Milford."

The trail census helps to determine trail usage, which is important for installation of cross walks, crossing lights, and signage along the trail. Below are the 2015 Trail Census results showing total number of people per location and respective percentages by location, type of use and time of day.

This information is used to understand how and when the trail is used along with providing an overview of the busiest times. The Friends use this data in all of our planning efforts from maintenance discussions with the Parks Dept to safety and education aspects. Other Upper Charles trail towns are also interested in this data as they plan and build their sections of the trail.

Prior trail census results can be found here.
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